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Facebook Status Update From Different Devices

Have You ever noticed that some of Facebook friends update their status via different devices, such like iPad, Blackberry so on. You can also update your status without any such devices. Here is a tricky way to update Facebook Status. You can use blackberry, iPad and many more platform to update status. Even when you using Facebook from your laptop or desktop, your status update shows "via iPad" or "via Blackberry". All applications are safe, free and easy to use. Here is a list of some devices, click and authorize the application and start to fool your friends now ! 
Click given platforms and authorize application-
» iPad
» BlackBerry
» BlackBerry Torch
» BlackBerry PlayBook
» iPhone
» iPhone 4
» iPhone 5
» iPad
» iPad 2
» iPad 3
» Android
» Calculator

I hope that you will have more fun with this tricky way  

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