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Update Facebook Status with Flip Texts

Have you ever noticed flipped text at friend's Status updates? Ever wonder how people flip their text upside down? It is very simple. Just write your text in below given first box ( flip Text Generator ) and hit "Flip Tex". Your desired Text automatically flipped at second box. Copy flipped text and paste into status bar or wall posts and add some fun. This flip text generator rotate text to 180 degrees. You can use flipped text as your ultra strong Facebook password. You can use these text at Facebook chat, Twitter, blogs, comments, forums, MySpace, Netlog, Bebo, Hi5, Yahoo! Messenger, Flickr, AIM, eBuddy, Meebo, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, etc.
Note that UTF-8 (Unicode Transformation Format ) support is required to show flipped text. It means that these flipped text will not appear on some mobile devices or any non UTF-8 supported platform.

Copy Flipped Text and Paste into your Facebook Status bar. You can use it with Twitter, You Tube, FS, YM, Gmail or Word also !

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